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    OGP publishes guidelines for GNSS positioning in the oil and gas industry

    Publications // July 11, 2011

    The Oil & Gas Producers Association (OGP) has announced thatit has published new guidelines for GNSS positioning systems in the oil and gas industry.

    "The document provides guidelines for the use of global navigation satellite systems to position vessels, vehicles and other fixed and mobile installations during oil exploration and production (E&P) related surveying and positioning activities," said the OGP.

    "It represents an overview of the recommended principles for reliable positioning and includes recommended minimum statistical testing and quality measures essential for rigorous quality control and performance assessment.

    "Although primarily aimed at E&P related surveying and positioning activities, the principles and recommendations of this guideline are equally valid for any similar activities where precise position is critical, for example: renewable energy plants, cable laying operations, and harbour construction and management."

    The order code for the publication is 373-19.


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