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    Svitzer and Sanderson Maritime launch floating hotel for renewable sector

    Vessel & ROV News // June 23, 2011

    Svitzer UK and Sanderson Maritime have launched a new concept in cost effective accommodation for the offshore renewable sector.

    Seatel is a specially adapted North Sea barge with a 70 bedroom hotel module offering a comfortable, stable platform and high quality accommodation at half the cost of current market alternatives. 

    It can be safely and securely anchored in a deep sea location, minimising the time wasted moving staff and maximising the man hours on site.

    Seatel covers 25,000 square feet and has been designed to offer the space and feel of an equivalent land based motel. The actual vessel is a North Sea barge fixed to an offshore barge. It is totally self sufficient, with onboard generators, an infield maintenance workshop, storage facilities, restaurant, gym, lounges and social areas.

    Most industry alternatives for this purpose are currently low-tech, moored onshore and mean that the staff on board often have a lengthy trip to the actual work location at sea, significantly reducing the productive time at the work location.

    Seatel has far superior accommodation to anything else on offer, providing 70 bedrooms which can be single or double capacity at a cheaper price than a city centre hotel.

    Designed to be moored indefinitely up to 70 miles offshore, Seatel is secured using a single point mooring system and a fixed anchor spread specifically designed for each location. Once moored, Seatel can safely operate up to sea state 7 and a critical wave height of 6.75m.

    Svitzer and Sanderson Maritime are uniquely placed to offer this new concept in offshore accommodation. Svitzer is a harbour, coastal, offshore and ocean towage specialist and provides crew boat and standby rescue services around the UK coastline. Sanderson Maritime is a long established global provider of specialist accommodation in shallow water and international barge transportation.

    Mark Malone, managing director of Svitzer says: “At the moment most wind farms transfer their staff from onshore facilities out to the work location by boat, which can be a four hour round trip or more.

    “Seatel provides on site accommodation to maximises the number of productive man hours. Staff can be transferred by either helicopter or boat to the portable renewable work site. Seatel therefore offers fully flexible, efficient and comfortable accommodation and rest facilities which will provide significant advantages to overall project cost.

    Julian Sanderson, director of Sanderson Maritime adds: “This is a natural partnership, both companies offer specialist experience and highly trained expert staff. As the renewable sector develops so there is more and more demand for more tailored accommodation, but at the moment the price is prohibitive and too much time spent ferrying staff from one place to the other.  With Seatel, we can offer an excellent solution at a great price.”

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