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    UTEC Survey takes delivery of Roson CPT system

    Company News // June 16, 2011

    UTEC has taken delivery of a deep-push seabed Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) unit to support its Asia Pacific, Middle East and Australian geotechnical operations.

    Manufactured by Netherlands-based A P van den Berg, the Roson CPT unit includes a recently upgraded 75kN twin-drive thrust for deeper seabed soil investigations.

    Offshore applications will include pre-installation analysis for oil and gas construction, civil works, subsea telecommunications, and renewable energy infrastructures in both shallow and deep water environments.

    The twin wheel drive seabed CPT system uses in-situ piezocone CPT testing with cones from 5 to 15cm2, including T-bar and dissipation tests, for penetration to depths of 40m below seabed in suitable conditions.

    The weight of the system can be customized with modular ballast plates to achieve a specific reaction force and penetration depth. The deployment system includes a self tensioning umbilical winch to accommodate power and signal telemetry.

    Acquired CPT data is uplinked in real-time via cable to a surface recording and data processing unit.

    All geotechnical testing is carried out in full accordance with international specifications and standards (ISO, ASTM and NGI) for in-situ testing.

    The CPT system, including a team of geotechnical operators, is available for mobilization out of Singapore from early July 2011. To request additional information please contact or

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