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    SMD selects SeeTrack CoPilot for fallipe ROV

    Vessel & ROV News // June 9, 2011

    SeeByte has successfully integrated SeeTrack CoPilot into a fallpipe ROV developed by SMD in the UK for international dredging company Jan De Nul Group.

    Said SeeByte: "Having expressed their customers’ requirements for accuracy, reliability and ease of use in controlling their fallpipe ROVs, SMD selected SeeByte’s SeeTack CoPilot software as their tool of choice for rock-dumping missions.

    "The software’s advanced dynamic positioning (DP), simple point-and-click interface and unmatched control of speed, position and heading make it key in delivering precision for subsea rock-dumping tasks.

    Andrew Hodgson, CEO of SMD commented; “By integrating SeeTrack CoPilot with our fallpipe ROV, SMD’s customers can save significant amounts of money through time-saved.

    "This is thanks to the accuracy provided by SeeTrack CoPilot. The successful integration for Jan De Nul Group is proof that our vehicle equipped with SeeByte’s software surpasses previous operation solutions for rock-dumping missions.”  
    "This mid-water DP application is a world first,” claimed Ioseba Tena of SeeByte. “We are running very accurate control-and-enable fly modes that help optimise rock-dumping.

    "CoPilot achieves this by using an INS aided by a USBL. This system can also be used to help mid-water DP applications using conventional Work Class ROV systems"

    The successful integration of SeeTrack CoPilot to the SMD vehicle took place recently on the fallpipe and mining vessel Simon Stevin in Bergen.

    Jan De Nul Group has reportedly expressed great satisfaction in the solutions provided to them by SMD and SeeByte.


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