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    Fugro Galaxy due to be delivered shortly

    Vessel & ROV News // February 21, 2011

    Towards the end of 2010, the survey vessel Fugro Galaxy was launched at Fassmer Shipyard in Bremen in Germany.

    The vessel is the second in Fugro's planned newbuild Fugro Standard Survey Vessel (FSSV) fleet and is due to be delivered by the end of  February 2011.

    At 65m overall and accommodation for 43 in single and double cabins she will be a comfortable and spacious vessel on which to work and is fully capable of worldwide operations.

    The suite of survey equipment will include Kongsberg EA400 single beam echo sounder and EM710 multi-beam echo sounder, Edgetech dual frequency 4200 digital sidescan sonar, new generation Topas PS 40 parametric sub-bottom profiler, Hydroscience SeeMUX seismic recording system, with an energy source of up to 970 cu and a HiPAP 500 USBL system.

    The vessel will be fully networked to provide plug-and-play interconnectivity and have Fugro's dual DGPS high precision Navigation systems. Geotechnical and ROVSV duties can also be undertaken.

    The specially designed hull form, resilient engine mounts and rudder propeller design maximise station keeping and navigational control, ensure acoustically quiet running at survey speeds and keep the vesselís carbon footprint to a minimum.

    Fugro Galaxy will have the same advanced diesel electric propulsion system as Fugro Searcher. Based on three 910kW gensets driving two rudder propellers. Dynamic positioning (DP1) enables the vessels to remain static over a designated spot or follow an ROV on survey work, while bow thrusters assist manoeuvring and station keeping.

    Fugro Galaxy will be operated by Fugro Survey Ltd of Aberdeen

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