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    Safety and Environmental Management System Rule (SEMS) - MTS Lunch

    Organisations and Associations // February 15, 2011

    The next MTS Houston Section luncheon will be held on February 24, 2011 and will feature a presentation by Ian Sutton, with AMEC Paragon. Mr Sutton will be discussing the new Safety and Environment Management System Rule.

    By November 15th 2011, companies operating oil and gas facilities on the US Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) will be required to have a full Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) in place.

    The rule is based on the well-established Safety and Environmental Management Program (SEMP) which comes from API Recommended Practice 75.

    However, the agency in charge of SEMS – the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) – has increased the scope of the rule. (Hence, the statement “SEMS = SEMP” is not quite accurate — there is more in SEMS than there is in SEMP.)

    Based on MMS data, it is estimated that at least half of the facilities operating on the OCS do not have a complete SEMP program. These companies will need to show that they are responsive to the new rule and that they are actively developing a SEMS programme.

    At the MT luncheon Mr Sutton will provide a valuable and detailed summary of the new program. His presentation will cover:

    • The development of SEMS and its roots in SEMP
    • Differences between SEMS and SEMP.
    • The manner in which a SEMS program aligns with Safety Cases and onshore Process Safety Management (PSM).
    • Suggestions on how to implement a SEMS program – this will focus particularly on companies who may be challenged to meet the November deadline.
    Continued over 

    Ian Sutton is a chemical engineer with over thirty-five years of design and operating experience in the energy and process industries. He has focused on process risk management and process safety management in the offshore industries for the last fifteen years. 

    Recent assignments have included deepwater projects in south-east Asia, Australia and the Gulf of Mexico. Mr Sutton has written a wide range of books, ebooks, knols and articles, and is a frequent speaker at technical meetings. His latest book (April 2010) is Process Risk and Reliability Management.

    He is currently writing the book Offshore Safety Management, which is scheduled for publication by Elsevier in the third quarter of this year. Mr Sutton is registered professional engineer in the State of Texas.

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