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    Aberdeen Harbour to be dredged

    News // December 17, 2010

    Aberdeen Harbour is to spend £8.5 million dredging its entrance to allow ships to enter more frequently during bad weather.

    According to a report from Shetland Marine News, the plan emerged during a meeting between the harbour and Shetland transport partnership ZetTrans, when the island delegation complained that ferry and freight services were being disrupted by the harbour’s shallow entrance.

    ZetTrans chairwoman Iris Hawkins said that they had been shown plans to dredge the harbour mouth to eight metres and dredging further in the port to reach 7m.

    A seabed survey to examine the type of rock that will have to be removed is already underway and the harbour hopes to start actual dredging work in 2012.

    Mrs Hawkins said: “It was a very encouraging meeting. It was fine to meet with the personnel involved and to see the plans they have for dredging the harbour.” ZetTrans head of transport Michael Craigie said Aberdeen harbour said they were able to source the funding to carry out the project themselves.

    “They are doing some trial dredging channels at the moment to see what the conditions are like and see how far they can go with the plans that they have,” Mr Craigie said.


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