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    Sub-Atlantic wins contract for scientific project

    Vessel & ROV News // November 17, 2010

    Sub-Atlantic Ltd has won a contract to supply a Comanche ROV system for scientific research in a deal worth just over 1million.

    The specialist subsea vehicle will support the construction and maintenance of the MoLab modular seafloor observatory unit at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel University in North Germany.

    The Comanche which is to be christened Phoca, German for seal, will join the existing IFM GEOMAR fleet of subsea equipment.

    The 3,000m Comanche will complement the 6,000m rated work class ROV called Kiel 6000 which also operates using Sub-Atlantic thrusters. It runs alongside an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) named Abyss.

    The modular observatory is an innovative deep sea system that can be deployed globally and monitors several square kilometres of seabed over several months, gathering biological, chemical and geophysical data for a variety of important scientific projects using a suite of subsea sensors and sampling equipment.


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