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    Permit to work pocket card produced by IMCA

    Publications // October 22, 2010

    Hot work; confined space entry; work where stored energy needs isolating or making safe; working over water; work with hazardous substances;  working on critical safety systems; working at height; working in trenches; and diving are just some of the offshore tasks requiring a Permit to Work.
    The latest pocket safety card from the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) highlights areas where a Permit to Work is required, requirements of a safe and effective Permit, and the requirements for review of the Permit at times such as shift changeover.
    “This is the eighteenth card in our popular pocket safety card series, designed to act as speedy and concise memory joggers, in a format that workers can keep at hand” explained IMCA’s Technical Director, Jane Bugler. “We started publishing them in 2006 and make them available in two forms, as bulk stocks for members to hand out to relevant members of their workforce, and also provide them so each member can customise the print files by adding their own logo in addition to ours.”
    Previously published cards cover Preventing slips and trips; Toolbox talks; Lifting operations; Lifting equipment; Working at height; Drug and alcohol misuse: The effects; Watch your hands: you’ve only got one set; Confined spaces can be deadly; 
    Workplace safety self assessment; Stay safe at the wheel - Cutting and grinding safety; Avoiding dropped objects; Personal security; Keep your eyes on safety; Hazardous substances safety guide; Caught between and pinch points: What you should know; and Hand-arm vibration: Control the risks. Each addresses a specific aspect of offshore safety and provides a series of prompts and guidance on how a task can be completed safely, avoiding a variety of hazards.
    All are available at £25 per hundred for members, and £50 per hundred for non-members (members can download the print file free of charge) – information on them is available on the IMCA website at and they can be ordered from


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