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General - Help

With this search programme you are able to query on-line databases and display the result of your query on your screen

Defining a query

You can define a query by selecting 1 or more arguments. There are 3 general types of arguments:

  • Free search Select on words or part of words by typing a character string.
  • Pull down lists Select an item from the pull down list by clicking on this item
  • dates and numbers type a correct date (yyyy[mm][dd], month and day are optional) or a number and select < (before date or smaller than number) or > (after date or higher than number)

After defining your query you can indicate in which order the selected items should be displayed on your screen by selecting an item from the order by pull down list.

Click on the Search button to send your query definition to the database Click on the reset button to empty your query definition

Navigating the results of your query

The records that match your query are displayed in a results table. If the database has many fields only a summary of each record is displayed. Click on next 10 to browse to the next 10 records of the results table.

If you wish to look at all fields of 1 record click on Show of the record concerned.You are now able to browse through the results table by clicking on Next or Previous.

Click on results to return to the results table