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Advertising Opportunities @ www.oilpubs.com

Explosive growth in Corporate Internet usage has created an increasing demand for on-line information resources within the Oil, Gas and associated Marine industries.

Clarksons Research Services established a Web presence in 1996, to underpin our position as the World's leading publisher of data for offshore Operators and Contractors. The on-line publication of many of our databases has resulted in a significant number of key decision-makers becoming daily visitors to our web site www.oilpubs.com.

Since March 2000 we have also provided a FREE news resource for the offshore industry called Offshore Shipping Online. This publication is found on our home page and is up dated every two weeks.

Resources currently available via the web include:

News Services:

You can gain greater exposure for your company's products and services by becoming a Sponsor for these OPL online databases or news services.

To experience how this new media might benefit your business, please take a look at an existing advertiser by visiting:

www.oilpubs.com OR www.dredgingnewsonline.com

Advertising Options and Rates for Online Databases

Each Web database has a slightly different format, due to the different types of products covered.
'Dredgers of the World' is used for this example.


    Any visitor to www.oilpubs.com who clicks Online Data on the Home Page and then selects Dredgers of the World, will see the title sponsors opening page (this position is currently sponsored by Dredging International). This page is a custom-developed Web page, which can incorporate your logo, company profile, photographs, other illustrations and a link to your company Web-site. After clicking through the advertisement the user will have the option to enter the database or to use the demonstration facility, this page also has a banner containing a full-page advertisement and web site link. Any title sponsor will also have one free entry into the relevant demo.

    • Rate £ 500 / $800 per month
    • Duration Minimum of 12 months


    Each online demo will have 2 or three entries for each section. Each of these entries may be sponsored, entitling the sponsor to not only the coverage for their vessel, ROV etc. but also a further opportunity to have a banner advertisement containing a full-page advertisement and web site link. This banner would be placed at the top or bottom of the sponsored entry.

    • Rate from £ 150 / $240 per month depending on the database in question
    • Duration Minimum of 12 months

For further details on the specific categories and rates for each database please contact Shaun Sturge (shaunsturge@oilpubs.com).

Please note that all Web page Design costs are incorporated in the Rates stated above and that any changes to advertisements within the contract are also free of charge.

Advertising Options and Rates for other Online Services

Dredging News Online

For details on advertising options and rates for Dredging News Online please go to the site at http://www.dredgingnewsonline.com and click on the button 'Advertising', the resulting page details all options and rates.

Offshore Shipping Online

For details on advertising options and rates for Offshore Shipping Online please enter the site via the OPL home page then click on the button 'Advertising' and the resulting page details all options and rates.

For more information on any advertising opportunities contact:

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