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Clarkson Research Services Ltd publishes a number of websites, including two online magazines:

Dredging News Online Offshore Shipping Online
Dredging News Online

Dredging News Online is a unique publication for all those involved in the international dredging industry, ports and harbours, and marine contracting. Update daily, Dredging News Online is a truly international publication that addresses every aspect of dredging and related subjects such as hydrographic survey. It does so in a timely manner, bringing you the latest news from all around the world.

Dredging News Online provides updates on contracts and tenders, new technology, new vessels, research and development, company news, project profiles and much more, all complete with illustrations.

Visit www.sandandgravel.com/news/

Offshore Shipping Online

Offshore Shipping Online gives Clarksons Research Services the opportunity to share our 30 years experience in oil, gas and marine related publishing with the offshore community. Updated daily this free news resource provides a service to the offshore shipping industry on a global scale. News is divided into categories so you will easily be able to access the news that interests you most.

With an archive providing full search facilities, this free publication is a valuable asset to anyone working in the oil, gas and marine industries.

Visit www.oilpubs.com/oso/