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The data contained within the Anchor Handling Tugs and Supply Vessels of the World Database is ideally suited for presentation, searching and sorting in electronic formats because, as youíll see from its contents you get much more than detailed vessel specifications. In all over 5,183 vessels in all classes are included.
Anchor Handling Tugs and Supply Vessels of the World
  • General data includes flag, ownership, builder and classification.
  • The tonnage and dimension section also includes important free deck measurements and deck cargo capacity. Machinery details,
  • in addition to engine/thrusters data, includes bollard pull and information on manoeuvring /control systems (ie joystick, dynpos etc).
  • Other data sections cover capacities (mud, cement, water etc), emergency systems (FiFi, classification, pumps, monitors etc), safety equipment and oil recovery systems (if applicable).

Specifications for a total of 5,183 ships, 4,355 in service and 828 newbuilds. Note, figures in brackets indicate newbuilds.

  • 561 (39) Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTís)
  • 2,071 (488) Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTSís)
  • 55 Maintenance Vessels
  • 166 Salvage Tugs
  • 740 (230) Platform Supply Vessels and Pipe Carriers
  • 1,102 (16) Supply Vessels
  • 360 Standby/Rescue Vessels (ERRV)
  • Directory of vessel owners and managers
New Features
  • Emergency Response & Rescue Vessels - 369 (39)
  • Crew/Fast Supply Vessels - 174 (6)

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